"QingTian" Sunshine Multi-lingual Public Opinion Monitoring and Analysis System
Comprehensive Monitoring、Timely Warning、Deep Reserching and Julging
Product Introduction

Utilizes technologies such as omnimedia big data, multilingual text semantic understanding, and cross-platformed information dissemination and tracking. With one-stop closed-loop intelligent services including information monitoring and warning, deep analysis and judgement, public opinion guidance, and effectiveness evaluation, it provides a full set of solutions for governments and enterprises in aspects of public opinion response, intelligence gathering, business decision-making and so on.

Core Funtictions
Public Website Monitoring
The system realizes effective monitoring of public websites through real-time of information on more than ten channels, such as media websites, e-papers, forums, Weibo, Wechat, Apps, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.
Public Opinion Early-Warning
Realizes a three-minute warning of sensitive and harmful information based on the detection of harmful information from Yayi Semantic Web mining platform and Hidden Markov early warning technology.
Social Accounts Monitoring &Analysis
The system supports the monitoring and analysis of tens of millions of key accounts at domestic and forergn social platforms such as Weibo, Wechat (official accounts), Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. The analyses include the situation of follewers,the content of the post, and the interactive network. In addition, the system has constructed an account influence evaluation index system, which supports real-time quantitative evaluation and comparison of the communication influence of multiple accounts.
Single Blog Communication Analysis
The system supports the analysis of the communication of a single blog. The analyses include: hierarchy of communication, netizens' commentaries, map of communication, netizens involved in the communication and other dimensions In addition, the system has constructed an evaluation index system for the information communication influence, which can quantitatively evaluates the communication influence of a single blog.
Event Analysis & Assessment
Based on the information which are configured by users, the system can automatically capture event-related data across the entire network. Using the captured data, the system can provide a series of functions such like event information traceability, event evolution analysis, netizens' attitude tendency analysis, netizens' interactive relationship network analysis and so on. Besides, the system supports the automatic generation of event reports.
Public Opiniong Guidance and Effect Evaluation
The system provides the function of the maintenance and management of the guide account, the sorting and collection of the material, the automatic batch posting and upvoting, the automatic evaluation of guidance effect,etc.
Product Advantages
  • Extensive Data Monitoring Range
    Based on the Media monitoring Big-data Platform, the data of this system covers more than 60,000 mainstream media and news website within 19 languages all aroud the 144 countries. 35,000,000 new data per day are being added,which comes from more than 10 channels like new website, e-papers, forums, Weibo, Wechat, Apps, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.
  • Leading Public Opinion Calculation and Analysis Technology
    The author of the public opinion calculation system proposes, analysis technology is the national leader. The coverage of public opinion application at national, provincial and ministerial level is first. The evaluation of public opinion and processing technology of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology wins first place. The public opinion technology and system achievements win the second prize of the Science and Technology Progress Award of the Ministry of Public Security and the first prize of the Science and Technology Progress Award of the Chinese Association of Automation.
  • Closed-Loop Support For Multilingual Public Opinion Business
    The system supports one-stop closed-loop intelligent services including all types of information monitoring of the entire network, early discovery and warning of sensitive (harmful) information, deep assessment and analysis of public opinion, guardance of public opinion and effect evaluation. The system has 7 languages which can be switched: Chinese,Engilish, French,Russian,Portuguese,Arabic, Spanish
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