"Wenhai" New Media Big-Data Platform
No More Problems with Data
Brief of Our Products

Our data covers 144 countries, 19 languages, about 6000 mainstream media& news websites

Our product is powered by more than 20 semantic text processing and analyzing service sets

We provide one-stop data service and big data platform solution for the government, media outlets and enterprises

Core Functions
Product advantages
  • 数据覆盖面广

    Wide data coverage

    Covering 144 countries, 19 languages, nearly 6000 mainstream media/news websites;
    Full-coverage data collection from five overseas mainstream social platform.
  • 数据接口友好

    Friendly data interface

    Providing varieties of data services and data mining interfaces;
    Standardized and visualized data mining interface--lowering usage barriers and improving data access efficiency.
  • 质量可靠

    High reliability

    Intersection of data template and machine learning--achieving highly accurate data mining and data processing.
  • 实时性高

    High efficiency

    Providing three kinds of data services and more than ten data mining interfaces--satisfying multiple data needs.
  • 性能稳定

    High stability

    Providing 7*24-hour dynamic monitoring and warning oriented to hardware, cluster and logs;
    Multiple data backup protecting data security and stability.
  • 行业领先的大数据体系架构

    Industry-leading big data system formation

    It has been through large-scale data examinations and has been delivering excellence in many evaluations in China.
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