"WenSi" Decision-Making Report Service
let the data speak for themselves
Product Introduction

Based on Omni-media Big Data and ”Yayi” Text Semantic Analysis Component

Rely on Multi-Type Expert Wisdom

Provide Decision-Making Report Service for Government, Media and Enterprises

  • Analysis of public opinion about Administrative affairs
  • City Brand Image Monitoring
  • Media Influence Evaluation
  • Business Intelligence Information
  • Special Service for “The Belt and Road”
  • Multilingual Data Analysis Team
  • media industry expert
  • Technical Experts of Chinese
    Academy of Science
  • Omni-Media Big Data
  • "YaYi" Text Semantic Analysis Component

Major Sevices

  • Analysis of public opinion about Administrative affairs

    Provides decision-making report including public opinion about Administrative affair monitoring,deep analysis,rapid assessment for government departments at all levels.

  • City Brand Image Monitoring

    Provides dynamic monitoring and evaluation of the propaganda promotion of the provincial and municipal governments around the world, and provides suggestions for the form of local brand image.

  • Media Influence Evaluation

    Provides communication effect monitoring and analysis of single report and communication effect evaluation analysis report service of event for the central and local media.

  • Business Intelligence Information

    Provides analysis report sevices in terms of brand reputation monitoring, deep analysis of events, comparison of competing products and benchmarking enterprises, evaluation of marketing activities and so on.

  • Special Service for “The Belt and Road”

    Based on omni-media big data and a team of multilingual data analysis experts, provides decision-making report services for“The Belt and Road”.

Report Cases

Multilingual Data Analysis Team

Wensi report sevice brings together more than 10 multilingual

data analysis experts to provide decision-making Report Service

for for “The Belt and Road” in the form of "omni-media

big data" and "expert team" .

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