"YaYi" Semantic Analytics Toolkit
Deep Understanding of Text Semanteme
Product Introduction

Based on natural language processing, text mining, deep learning and other technologies

Provides more than 20 kinds of text semantics intelligent analysis components, including 13 basic components and 7 unique components of the media field

Provides customers with simple and easy to use, superior performance, stable and reliable text semantic analysis services and overall solutions

Core Functions
Product Advantages
  • 算法丰富

    Rich Algorithm

    Based on more than 3,000 core algorithms, provided 13 basic text analysis components and 7 unique analysis components sevices of the media field , flexibly meets the needs of various large-scale text processing.

  • Easy-To-Use Interface

    Easy-To-Use Interface

    As a basic analysis component, standardized interface packaging can be introduced quickly to apply, which greatly reduces development costs.

  • Reliable Service

    Reliable Service

    Provides services in SaaS mode, support call requirements at hundreds of billions levels, and equipped with a complete operation and maintenance and monitoring system.

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