"Yunji" Communication Tracking and Analysis System
Let the communication be tracked
Brief of Our Products

Omni-media、Omni-channel big data drive

Unique communication analysis of explicit and implicit information, cross-platform, cross-media communication path tracking technology

Multi-dimensional media and Propaganda Promotion communication effect evaluation and evaluation index system

Provides dynamic and quantitative support for media communication monitoring and enterprises propaganda promotion decision-making

Application Scenarios
  • Media
    Wide Data Coverage
    1. News Reporter Performance Appraisal
    2. Communication Effect Evaluation
    3. Communication Effect Evaluation of Major Topics
    4. Communication Influence Comparison of Competing Products or Benchmarking Enterprises
    5. Original Manuscript Copyright Violation Identification
  • Enterprises
    Data interface friendly
    1. Communication Effect Monitoring of New Media Advertisement
    2. We Media Influence Evaluation
    3. Communication Effect Monitoring of Propaganda Promotion
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