New Media Big Data
Use the Big Data Technology of Intelligent Media driven by AI
Open up the media data with the whole flow of broad convergence, intelligent integration, omnimedia matrix publishing, audience interaction tracking, and effectiveness evaluation
Provide Big Data Computing Engine driven by AI for the media transition and upgrading
Industry Bottleneck & Requirement
Traditional media have been exploring ways and methods to reunite influence.

In terms of digital news, based on the global media data of our company's Wenhai Big Data Platform, the intelligent gathering and personalized recommendation of hot news sources can be realized;

In terms of intelligent editing, equipped with our company's Yayi Text Semantic Analysis Package, we can realize the intelligent semantic analysis of media big data, complete omnimedia material gathering and personalized recommendation of topics selection material for major topics and the automatic proofreading for text and photo press releases can also come true.

In aspect of accurate delivery, we are able to gather and manage the mass data of media audience’ behaviors, through the portrait and modeling analysis of audience, to achieve accurate audience content recommendation. In addition, one button publishing in multiple communication channels for a press release of the media convergence matrix is also supported.

In aspect of landing assessment, based on the scientific and systematic evaluation index system and multi-granular influence evaluation model of our company's Yunji Communication Monitoring & Evaluation System, we can realize the quantitative assessment for the dissemination tracking and influence of the press release information on the internet in different dimensions such as dominance-recessiveness of the spread trajectory, cross-platform (Websites, newspapers, Weibo, Wechat, Appss, etc.), cross-media (text, picture, short video), and cross-language (Chinese, English, Russian, French, Portuguese, Arabic and spanish).


News Monitoring System of Agency xx, supports the Real-time dynamic tracking of the globle landing adoption of the omnimedia releases of the agency. Based on the technology of semantic content understanding, the system realizes the cross-platform propagation link tracking analysis. For any press release, the system can dynamically tracks its spread on platforms such as mainstream media, Appsss, Weibo and Wechat, etc.. Besides, for every picture press release, the system can monitor and track the communication of the single picture across the entire network.

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