Network Public Opinion Big Data
Use technologies such as omnimedia big data, multi-lingual text semantic understanding technologies, and cross-platform information dissemination tracking,
to provide powerful technical support for governments and enterprises in aspects of intelligence gathering, public opinion response, and business decision, etc..
Industry Bottleneck & Requirement

How to achieve comprehensive monitoring of multilingual and full-channel Internet information?

How to conduct multi-dimensional in-depth analysis and accurate judgement on key social accounts, blogs, and public opinion events?

How to effectively make public opinion guidance and effectiveness evaluation on specific events?

How to detect in first time and timely warn for sensitive and harmful information?

Network Content Security & Regulatory Requirement
Multilingual & Full-channel Monitoring
First Time Detection
Accurate Analysis & Judgement
Effective Guidance and Quantitative Evaluation
Nations alongside the Belt and Road

Our company makes full use of technologies such as big data, multilingual text semantic understanding, and cross-media information dissemination and tracking. With one-stop closed-loop public opinion intelligent services which include multi-channel information monitoring and warning on whole network , deep analysis and judgement of major or sudden public events, public opinion guidance, and effectiveness evaluation, we provide a full set of solutions for governments and enterprises in aspects of public opinion response, intelligence gathering, business decision-making, etc.. Currently we are able to support the monitoring, analysis and guidance for seven languages information, such as Chinese, English, Russian, French, Portuguese , Arabic and Spanish.

Comprehensive Monitoring of Information

Based on the global media data from company’s Wenhai Big Data Platform
Realize comprehensive monitoring of information on key websites, e-newspapers, Weibo, Wechat, Apps, and overseas social platforms.

Timely Warning of Sensitive and Harmful Information

Based on the harmful information detection and monitoring realized by the company's Yayi Semantic Web mining platform and early warning technology of Hidden Markov Model (HMM)
Realize three-minute warning and timely detection of harmful information

In-depth Judgement

For major or sudden public opinion events.
Based on the company's multilingual public opinion monitoring and analysis system—Qingtian.
Which can support the in-depth analysis of special events in seven languages, such as Chinese, English, Russian, French, Portuguese , Arabic and Spanish.
The analysis dimensions of event include multi-channel traceability, evolution analysis, netizens’ opinion analysis, network analysis of netizens' interaction , monitoring and analysis of event-related key social accounts, event-related single blog diffusion analysis, etc..

Public Opinion Guidance & Effect Evaluation

Can support users to independently configure and manage topics of public opinion guidance.
Create and manage accounts and material libraries of public opinion guidance.
Man-machine batch post, like and repost, automatically quantifying the effect of public opinion guidance.

Portuguese speaking country A-- Integrated Social Security Assessment System

Project introduction:Based on the Wenhai New Media Big Data Platform, the system fully converges data (in portuguese) of relevant mainstream media, news websites and social platforms focused on by the african country, and then conducts centralized storage, effective integration, and association analysis of the information, to realize the excavation and in-depth analysis of various types of Internet public opinion events. The project helps build a national Internet public opinion monitoring and security system, support government departments in charge of timely, comprehensive and accurate monitoring of the state and development trend of the Internet public opinion, enhance the ability to respond to Internet public opinion events and risks, and better satisfy the demands of country’s rapid social and economic development as well as needs of a healthy Internet environment for the integration into the country’s strategic layout.

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